Having another baby after your PPMD/PNMD group – register your interest

Hi everyone,

As you know while I was pregnant with Flynn I was part of an amazing group of Survivor Mamas called the ‘baby after PPD‘ group. This group of Survivor Mamas were a much needed support during my pregnancy & in the first six months of Flynn’s life – the nine weeks in hospital & the months following as we constantly worried about his feeding & weight gain.

I’m about to help out some Mamas who are thinking of having a baby after their PPMD, to start a FaceBook support group & am shouting out to anyone who wishes to join up. The group will be completely private so that only those in the group will be able to view your comments or posts.

The group will be supporting each other on various topics including staying on/coming off medication while trying to conceive & during your pregnancy*, ways to prepare yourself for the postnatal/partum period, action plans for the postnatal/partum period, preparing your toddler for their new sibling, anxieties relating to your pregnancy & postnatal/partum period, setting up support systems for when the baby arrives etc. We will also be asking those that have managed to have a better postnatal/partum experience after their PPMD to share their wisdom & insights in order for the group members to get both real life examples as well as the proof that having a better experience is possible.

This is my way of paying it forward as the support I received was invaluable. Thanks Amber for starting up our group back then & the lifeline it provided me.

If you’re interested in joining the group, please fill in your details below or email me at yuz@notjustaboutwee.com & we’ll contact you when we’re up & running.


* We are not medical experts or medically trained in any way when it comes to discussing medications, dosages, weaning or staying medicated during your pregnancy. We will be offering support in whatever decision you make in consultation with your OB, midwife, GP or physician.


  1. Barbara says:

    “I was late on my period and so we toguhht we might be pregnant and when it came out negative I was kinda bummed. Like that made me depressed.”Fack. Me…Really. I get it. I get that something like that or losing someone or job or bills etc will make you feel upset and sad…and I think that that is a NORMAL reaction to those things but having depression is a different ball game. Wanting to kill myself is not normal.Wishing that the day would just be over before it even began is not normal.Wishing a truck would blow through a red light and hit the passenger side of the car is not normal.Comparing being upset and sad “at times” to what I deal with every day? Is like comparing apples and oranges. I didn’t deserve this. Nor did anyone else. This is a horrific horrific illness and I pray that no one suffers this pain I feel right into my core. But the sad thing is, people do and people still will.


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