Mama’s Comfort Camp – Nine months on……

Mama's Comfort Camp

Most of my regular readers will know about a closed group on FaceBook called Mama’s Comfort Camp, but for those of you that haven’t, allow me to share some things about the group with you.

Essentially this group is what we call a refuelling station – a safe haven of self-care and self-kindness for mums – the much needed space & place to visit at the end of a hard day, during nap time or first thing to help you get moving! We have all sorts of threads like the ‘tell me something good’ thread we start each month, to the ‘I wanna’ thread where we dare to dream big or just wish we all had a maid. The ‘I don’t wanna’ thread is also our lighthearted attempt to whinge about the groundhogness (i.e. monotony) of some days & knowing that you’re not alone. And mostly, we support each other on the hard days & with personal issues with the utmost respect & understanding. On these posts, we post ‘PT’ which stands for ‘potential trigger’ thereby warning others in the group that the content may be triggering or painful to them.

There are many more heartfelt & uplifting threads & posts, like ‘Flashback Friday where we post pictures of ourselves/our kids/partners & also our own Google map where most of us have placemarked where we’re from which brings us all even closed even though some a millions of miles apart.

The group was the brainchild of my friend Yael Saar (from & together with the Den Mothers (myself, Jaime Harker (@jamesandjax,, Melissa Hogan (@story3girl,, Jennifer Pody Gaskell (@jenrenpody & Jenna Farelyn (@frelle, & Robin Farr @FarewellStrangr,, we’ve just celebrated our six month anniversary.

To describe this group, using Yael’s words, ‘over 200 moms from around the world come together to nourish ourselves and each other by sharing our ups and downs, our joys as well as our doubts. In this safe space we are free to give ourselves permission to feel all of our feelings and disarm what is painful by conscious interaction with our fears and demons. We’ll be sharing experiments in self-kindness and self-care without “shoulds”. We also talk about ways to disarm the inner critic that lives in the head by finding and befriending the inner wise woman who lives in the body’.

Because Mama’s Comfort Camp is a closed FB group, only members can post & read posts & nothing you post there will be visible on your regular FB newsfeed – keeping your rants about your MIL or step family private from them!

Please note, the URL that all the MCC links on this page will direct you to is the Mama’s Comfort Camp open FB page. If you would like to join the closed group, please let us know on that page & you will be added. New members are added every week on New Member Monday, so I’ll just say, see you on Monday!


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