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I’m joining a whole bunch of wonderful blogger women/mums that are all compiling & sharing their ‘Life Lists’. (You can see their posts at the bottom of my list). I see this as an opportunity for me to gather my thoughts on what I want to still achieve in my life. I hope by writing them down & making them public, I’ll be more accountable to my list & make a concerted effort to achieve them all, if not, many.

So here’s my list. Today. I’m sure there will be lots more added as soon as I hit ‘post’. Oh, & they’re in no particular order.

* Get a breast reduction.

* Want to kick Maternal depression & anxiety in the arse.

* Travel with & without kids.

* Actually READ & start using my 4 Ingredients books! (I’ve taken them off the shelf so already a move in the right direction).

* Trapeze

* Take up trampolining again (after breast reduction)

* Eat healthier.

* Go to a BlogHER so I can meet the most amazing women I’ve met online & am desperate to hug & share a cocktail or a few with. Going to Warrior Mom Con instead!

* Take the kids to Israel & finally meet our family.

* Go on a luxury cruise.

* Read for the love of it, but also to make my life richer with the things learnt.

* Take the kids to Poland & Germany to see the Concentration Camps so that they can see with their own eyes things they will learn about as part of their family history.

* See a taping of Ellen.

* Go on an African Safari.

* Get laser surgery so I can go through life without putting on glasses or putting in contact lenses.

* Live on a house boat for a while – it’ll take discipline to a new level, ‘stop doing that or you’re going overboard’.

* Help one person or a family less fortunate than I with ongoing financial assistance.

* I want to go out dancing a lot. Maybe in my pyjamas. Cos comfort’s a bonus when shaking your arse. 

* Visit a tropical Island / Island holiday (& I don’t mean Australia. Yes we’re an Island, but thinking more resorty).

* Do a flashmob.

* Have a coffee with Jeff Probst. (Didn’t know he had a TV show. This could actually be achievable!)

* Take the family to Washington D.C’s Holocaust Museum.

* Have something I’ve written published.

* Handwrite thank you letters when to those people that have touched my soul.

* Get my hair cut & coloured at the hairdressers more regularly…. do away with colour from a box in the supermarket.

* If I had the strength, I would volunteer at a children’s hospital & spend time with kids so their parents could have some respite.

* Get a new Passport (mine’s still in my maiden name). Oh & while I’m at it, get the kids theirs too.

* Have the same body as I had in my twenty’s/pre-muppets. (Hopefully I don’t have to do anything for that to happen. I’m dreaming big here people!!)

* Be as confident as I come across.

* Try to see the beauty in every day no matter how tough things seem.

* I want to find a passion or a hobby.

* Volunteer to kangaroo care for premmie babies in the NICU when their mums are unable to be there.

* Expand my cooking repertoire.

* Read every single word & watch all the footage of Maya Angelou.

* Want to make a real difference to someone’s life my my life’s actions & work.

* Exercise more. And by more, I mean exercise!

* Meet Oprah – that way I could ask her about everyone she’s met that I want to saving lots of time.

* Fly first/business class that have those super cool private suites.

* Go to a water theme park & go crazy.

* Pay for my MIL to go on a much dreamt about cruise.

* Make sure I continue to take photos of my kids artwork to make photo books.

* Be a radio DJ or talk show host for a year/month will do.

* Learn to fly a helicopter & fly it over the most wonderful beaches, mountains & scenic places globally.

* Get a tattoo.

* Be better at confrontation by looking at it as being assertive.

* Try to fear less. Try to BE fearless.

* Learn to speak fluent Hebrew.

* Continue with therapy for the rest of my life just like my car will require tune ups for as long as it’s driven. Gotta keep it working the best it can.

* Write my own eulogy – I want the details of my life accurate & frankly, to have the final word.




  1. Andrea says:

    omg, Yuz! I LOVE this list. Love it. I can’t believe (or maybe I can) how much we actually have in common. Even though I’m missing some of your ideas on my list, I’m sitting here shaking my head and almost crying a little. I adore you, my friend. And how could I forget your #1? It’s something that’s been on my mind the past few weeks (and years and years, but recently, too!). So bizarrely crazy that I forgot it! Thank you so much for linking up. Sending love!!!

  2. Love your list and thanks for linking up. If you would like the code so everyone’s posts show up at the bottom of yours as well, I’d be happy to share. Trapezing is so much fun and there are lots of schools now where you can take a single lesson. I’d love to see Ellen and do a flash mob too. Good luck with your list!

  3. Such a fantastic list! I’m so with you on many of these, especially the luxury cruise & publishing goals!

  4. I LOVE this list!!! But my absolute favorite?
    “Try to fear less. Try to BE fearless.”
    Yes… YES!!!! I have heard that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. I try to think of that acronym when I feel fear & anxiety creeping up.
    I also love the idea of writing your own eulogy. That… is pure brilliance.

  5. great list! Especially love your writing and traveling aspirations! I’ll be linking up this weekend!

  6. Love this list – so diverse! And laughing at your Oprah entry. That’s a good strategy. 😉


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