What have I done?

After writing my #LifeList last week, the same bloggers & I are writing a list of things we’ve achieved in our lifetime so far. It’s so refreshing focusing on the good things in life & I’m humbled to share them all with you.

So here we go: Did it. Done it. BOOM. (Again, in no particular oder)

* Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower

* Bought a manual/stick shift car without learning how to drive it.


* Helped some mums through their toughest moments in the eye of the storm a.k.a Postnatal/Postpartum Mood Disorder.

* Been to the top of the Empire State Building.

* Went to Ground Zero

* Done Yoga

* Been to Israel & met my family there.

* Achieved my goal of learning how to do a twist in gymnastic & incorporate it into my floor routine (high school gym squad).

* Been to the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C

* Assisted mums that have had a PPMD put plans in place to have a better experience the next time.

* Coordinated & managed to Skype at BlogHer last year & chatted to a room full of awesomeness in Yael, Ivy, Jaime, Susan & A’Driane.

* Gotten married

* Jet skied

* Been to Yad Vashem in Israel.

* Traveled overseas with a group of strangers & came back with some life long friends.

* Bought a house

* Been to LA, New York (twice), Washington D.C., Paris, London, Hong Kong (four times) & Hawaii.

* Been a bridesmaid

*  Seen Kylie, Matchbox Twenty, The Killers & John Mayer in concert.

* Had children

* Ice Skated

* Gotten through lots of break ups & mended lots of broken hearts.

* Parasailed

* Sang Karaoke both locally & at Bar Code in Times Square, NY (may it RIP).

* Literally walked out of a job that was toxic in which I was being being bullied.

* Gone kayaking

* Had a natural birth & c-sec

* Been skiing.

* Made SO many virtual friends that I could easily count & depend on.

* Shopped till I’ve dropped

* Swam with dolphins

* Climbed the Statue of Liberty

* Been the passenger in a Ferrari 355.

* Been the model in a pharmacy catalogue when I worked in advertising.

* Been a passenger on a motorbike & managed to hang on, literally, for dear life.

* Helped to raise over $17k for Cancer Reaserch by participating in Relay for Life in two years of participating at the event.

* Eaten a pretzel in NYC.

* Rollerbladed around the Formula One track at Albert Park in Melbourne.

* Got my nose & top of my ear pierced.

* Started a blog.

* Beaten the PPD Demon.


Am sure there will be more to come.






  1. Andrea says:

    You’re fast, woman!! I love this! Love.

    I forgot about bought a house!! And I SO am dreaming of all your Israel comments. One day for me … one day …

    Thank you for sharing and for being an incredible YOU!

  2. Jacinta Krueger says:

    Wow Yuz, I can remember when you were just talking about a blog and now your doing it. You certainly helped me through some really ruff time and through what I have read you have helped many others. you should be proud of yourself for that. I love both of the lists you have written esp the second list of what you have done. People are always doing a bucket list but not many do one about the thing they have achieved. I know it has been a really long time but I would really love to catch up one day just even to chat about where life has taken us since Albert Road. Anyway keep up the great work Jacinta

  3. Leah Lefler says:

    Wow – that is so fantastic! I had to look up abseiling – I have never done rock climbing but now it is on my bucket list! What a great idea – it is fun to look back on accomplishments – you have done a lot, Yuz! I live in NY state and STILL haven’t been to NYC!

  4. You are a star. But I already knew that. 😉

  5. Fantastic list!! The money you raised for cancer research is astonishing. Cheers to that! I also love the buildings you went to the top of! And congrats for beating PPD… that’s a tough obstacle to overcome, and quite the accomplishment.

  6. Wow, cool idea. will participate! 17K is awesome! you go girl!

  7. Ivy says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of neat stuff you’ve done! So much to be proud of. It was so great “meeting” you via Skype. Hope you make it back to New York sometime in the near future. If not, will def try to pay Melbourne a visit in ’14!


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