Moments of motherhood (MOM’s) – You know you’re a mum when….

A friend of mine, Andrea of ‘Good Girl Gone Redneck‘ fame has started her own Linky/bloghop. It’s going to be a series of blog posts that will focus on Moments of Motherhood & this one’s about the times when ‘you know you’re a mum when’….

So here goes. You know you’re a mum when:

* Going to the grocery store without the kids is considered a treat & you take your time just because you can

* The term ‘sleeping like a baby’ is so completely irritating you could punch anyone that says it

* When you talk to yourself in public because you think your kids are with you

* You give another mum that knowing look as their child is having a tantrum in public

* You receive knowing looks when your child is having a public meltdown

* You’ve had all body fluids on you in a 24 hour period

* When an exciting night consists of vegging out on the couch reading/watching trash

* When you’re in the grocery store rocking the trolley back & forth because you think it’s a pram

* You hear a baby’s cry 50m away & it’s not yours

* You loiter in the baby section of department stores & grocery stores like you used to look at handbags, shoes & make up

* When getting your hair ‘done’ means using an actual hairdryer & not just natures hairdryer

* When you have a dance party in the kitchen while cooking dinner. At 5pm.

* When leaving the house requires planning & a mental checklist of things to take with you: bottles, snacks, water bottles, nappies & toys

* When you text your friends exciting news about Nappies being on sale

* When you feel guilty for absolutely everything you do & everything you don’t do for your kids

* When you only go to the toilet when you can feel your bladder bulging out of your pants or when your kidneys start getting sharp pains

* When you start calling holidays ‘changes of scenery’

* When groundhog day isn’t just a movie title

* When you say ‘taaaa’ instead of ‘thank you’ to anyone other than your toddler


Anyone else want to share their own Moments of Motherhood (MOM) with us?





  1. Andrea says:

    omg. I SO love this. Woman, these linkies have introduced me to how funny you are! And how raw and real, too. I adore you. You rock. Thank you SO much for linking up!! xox

  2. These are so great and I am guilty of every one of them! I linked up to Andrea’s meme just today with my list as well. I kept thinking everytime my kids said something funny, oh this would be great for my blog. Andrea’s link-up gave us a chance to capture all those funny, gross and precious moments and share them with others. Have a great night, but don’t “sleep like a baby!” 🙂

  3. I am crying with laughter and nodding my head.
    YES going to the grocery alone is a treat!
    Yes to giving the “it will be okay” look to other mom’s when their kids have tantrums.
    Yes to the guilt of all you do and all you don’t do.
    Great post! I found you through Andrea’s Moments of Motherhood Link up!

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