Paternal Depression – help for dads suffering & for those supporting their partners

I have posted a lot on my blog about my history & what happened when I had PND/PPD & what help I received at the time. I’ve posted the series on Postpartum Progress on those of us that formed a group when we were having another baby after our PPMD as well as Dad’s speaking out how they felt when their partners were in the eye of the storm. What I haven’t posted is about the help that is available for fathers that also suffer from PND/PPD, or what is widely known as Paternal Depression.

Although it’s not as common an occurrence than in mothers this mental illness doesn’t discriminate & can affect dad’s too. Dad’s suffering any form of PPMD are often overlooked as the focus is generally on the mother anywhere up to 12 months following the birth of her baby. Feeling disconnected, anxious over caring for their newborn baby & feeling removed from the events following the birth are often the triggers, however each case is different & cannot be pigeonholed.

I was reminded after a post on the #PPDChat FaceBook Support page that there is a lack of awareness & help for father’s is harder to find than for mother’s. So I’m posting a few places where help is available for dad’s & for them to know it’s ok not to be ok, help is out there & you are not alone.

PANDA have launched a website designed with Dad’s in mind. It’s called “How Is Dad Going?” ( and the purpose of the site is to provide a much needed resource for Dads as they adjust to the life of parenthood. 1 in 7 fathers will have a partner with post natal depression and 1 in 20 suffering from post natal depression themselves but currently there are very few places men can go to be informed and supported through this experience. This new website by PANDA is one of the first in the world to target men specifically and show them that support is available.

There is also another closed FB group for those supporting their partners suffering from a PPMD. This group provides support & resources for partners. To join this group, click here:

Check this out:



* Postpartum Men:

* Postpartum Support International:

*Postpartum Progress:

* Spotlight on Dads in Science and Sensibility:

If anyone has any further information or wishes to add more support pages to visit, please post them below & I’ll update the listing above. Thanks in advance.