17 Confessions from PPD & PPA Survivors by Casey Mullins

Casey Mullins delved deep to put this post together for Babble about the scary & not often divulged confessions most of us have during the hell that is PPD & PPA. I am grateful to have been asked to share my thoughts & so honoured to be sharing space amongst 16 other of my warrior mama sisters. Our names were protected in this piece, but I’m ok to let you know I’m Susan M.

Thanks Casey for this piece & for sharing it with us all.


The Baby After PPD Survivor Series

Last month I was a honoured to join my BAPPD (Baby After PPD) mamas on Katherine Stone’s Postpartum Progress website. The seven of us met in the Twitterverse when Amber Koter-Puline (@atlantamom) sent out a tweet saying she was going to start up a support group for PPD survivors thinking about having another baby or pregnant. We kept in touch & supported each other throughout our journey & then put our stories together for all to see. It was an extremely cathartic experience for me as I had never told or written my story or gave the details of the hell I endured after having Orli.

If you missed it, here it is again. I’ve separated the days so you can read one at a time.

Day 1 http://postpartumprogress.com/7-postpartum-depression-survivors-share-their-stories-of-having-more-children

Day 2 http://postpartumprogress.com/postpartum-depression-survivor-series-day-two

Day 3 http://postpartumprogress.com/postpartum-depression-survivor-series-day-three-the-husbands

Day 4 http://postpartumprogress.com/postpartum-survivor-series-day-4-what-happened-after-the-next-baby

Day 5 http://postpartumprogress.com/postpartum-depression-survivor-series-day-5-coming-together-around-a-new-baby

Many thanks to Amber for putting this all together & for asking Katherine to feature it on her website. And thanks also to Katherine for allowing us to share our stories.

My Post on PPD to Joy

The beautiful & wonderful Yael Daphna Saar of PPD to Joy fame Postpartum Depression to Joy & I met over Twitter via the #PPDChat hashtag & the weekly chat forums. Our friendship has grown over the webisphere & mutual love & respect has grown exponentially. Yael’s mission through her website is to help those struggling with PND/PPD to learn to both disarm guilt & teach self-kindness. She runs a monthly SpeakEasy support phone chat where mothers domestically & globally meet, share, vent & care over the wires. It’s a truly wonderful & safe place that Yael has created & hopefully, if the stars align, I will be joining Yael & all the other mums that call this Wednesday March 14, at 12.30pm (AEST).

Following my posts on Postpartum Progress last month, Yael asked me to write a guest post on her blog about my battle with PND/PPD within the confines of the Jewish community in Melbourne & how my background affected my illness & recovery.

After years (literally) of typing to each other we finally met over Skype last week just as this blog post went live.

Here it is:

Yuz Takes off the Mask

I hope that we have the opportunity of sharing many more posts on each others blogs in the future.